Hasan Minhaj: A voice of change

Curiosity has always been my motivation that pushes me forward, I never tired of learning. And in all honesty, knowledge is what in the end helps to shape who we are and what type of lives we will lead. I try to meet as many people as possible that I am curious about and have a Cause for Conversation. I learn what makes people tick, what charities and causes are close to their hearts, and what makes their heart sing. This information, when combined with other fascinating people, leads me to my most full life. I hope you enjoy this Cause for Conversation with our longtime boy crush Hasan Minhaj, a young man that is using his voice and his platform to change the world and politics through humor, my favorite form of change!


Our Guide To Memphis

Last month, we traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to participate in Memphis Fashion Week. While there, we fell in love with Memphis! Read on for our guide on where to eat, sleep, and visit in Memphis.