Work of Art

The power of art to tell a story has always been one of our loves. Meet the man behind the graffiti artwork that inspired the collection.......

George “Sen One” Morillo is credited as one of the founding fathers of the NYC graffiti movement. The artist was responsible for hundreds of graffiti installations in NYC throughout the 80s and 90s, and was even commissioned to do a live art show and canvas for the late, great photographer Richard Avedon. As New York City began to change and the street artists and their art were outlawed, Sen One abandoned the old canvases of subway trains and gave way to the less rebellious canvas of fabric.

Sen One is currently teaching Graffiti art classes on the Upper West Side with the Goddard River Side Community Center’s Beacon program while creating original high end artwork and designs for many different clients. He now creates fine art installations in all sizes, such as a critically acclaimed six window display for MACY’s in New York City. He is in high demand for graffiti influenced designs for clothing and footwear for fashion icons including Rachel Roy, and he has also created designs and the logo for Basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire’s clothing line. In addition to these accomplishments, George has also worked with the “TRUKFIT” brand and has collaborations with companies KOVERTON (outdoor furniture), and RAYDOOR. 


"My inspiration was a mixture of things that were happening in New York City in the 90s. The way that being "you" at that time produced love and hope and the feeling that the best was yet to come. And around the same time, graffiti street art began to hit the rest of the world."