Rachel's Frequent Flyer Must-Haves

“I have to be honest, I have never loved the travel part of traveling although I do love each new destination. I have never been good with lines or germs, jet lag, delays, you get the idea, so I am sharing the practical ways I reduce my stress level while flying. Safe travels!”

RR's Travel Musts List

1. Jurlique hand sanitizer.
Pretty bottle and pretty smell - not like alcohol!

2. Berocca tablets.
These have become a carry on essential for me. I swear I have a low immune system and get sick the quickest of all my friends. Once I started drinking these I’ve been able to avoid getting the flu...knock on wood!

3. Bose Quiet Comfort headphones.
Because you know why.

4. TSA Pre-Check & Global Entry
These have changed my flying life. You get to bypass lines, keep on your shoes or coat when going through security, don't have to take your electronics out of your bag and it gets you through faster then first class...thank me later.

5. Sleep mask.
A sleep mask is a must for me. One that is tight across my eyes forces me to rest and relax in a way the looser ones don't. I personally like the red eye flights because who wants to be awake in the air for hours if you don't have to. I love that it keeps others from seeing your silly sleep face too.