Katie Sturino Talks 12ish Style

Katie Sturino

Meet Katie Sturino of the fashion blog The 12ish Style, founded out of frustration at the lack of shopping and inspiration for girls sized “12ish”.  Katie gives us the latest on how to live stylishly to advice on pushing your boundaries.

What inspired you to start your blog? 

After being featured on Man Repeller back in Spring 2015, I was inspired by my friend Leandra Medine to start my own fashion blog, introducing size 12-18 women to chic plus-size brands. I was disappointed by the lack of options in extended sizes, so I made it my mission to find these stylish and on-trend pieces in sizes that can work for all women.

2. We love the name 12ish -where did it come from? 

 Thank you! The name 'The 12ish Style' was born from the fact the average size woman in America is stuck in size purgatory so to speak...not really plus and not really straight sized, thus '12ish'.

How do you stay current with what’s in style at the moment?

I'm always looking to other bloggers and models Instagram feeds for style inspiration, plus-size and non-plus alike. One of my favorite ways to stay current with what's in style at the moment is to 'supersize' different celeb's looks, like here.

What is the core message you strive to send your readers?

BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR BODY!!! I cannot emphasize body positivity enough. When you decide to be comfortable and accept yourself, that's when your confidence shines through.

5. How do you enact change through your platform? 

Many women take themselves out of the style game because they think they can’t wear a certain trend or style. I like to push boundaries and show women they can rock a crop top without a six pack or a even a string bikini. I think be seeing me do it they get inspired to try it themselves.  

6. What surprises you the most when you hear from your followers? 

I love to hear that my blog helped inspire their success stories, whether it be wearing a pair of jean shorts for the first time in years or finally deciding to rock their two-piece for the summer. It's so important to me.

7.  What is the best advice you have ever received and the best advice you have to give?  

The best advice I have for younger people is to go out into the world and learn as much as they can from jobs and networking. Don't assume you know everything from right out of the gate. Social media and the internet has given us so much access that I think there is a common misconception that we are all experts, but there are some lessons that only time and experience can teach.  

8. What are the top must-haves for our closet this summer? 

I'm loving this Maxi Scarf Dress, this OTS blouse, and this summer white embroidered bomber!

9. What upcoming projects are you working on?

I'm so thrilled to announce the launch of Megababe just in time for summer, otherwise known as thigh chafe season. Megababe is a line of women's comfort products that address everyday issues like boob sweat, B.O., and thigh chafe in a cute and chic way. 

10. What encouraged you to launch this product?

I was sick and tired of using men's products, which is basically all that's available on the market. I want to make women feel more comfortable to talk about these everyday issues instead of being embarrassed about them.

Visit Katie at: http://www.the12ishstyle.com/