How to do...Wavy Textured Hair

Celebrity hair sylist Ted Gibson shows us step-by-step how to get that texture we all love...

“Effortless chic is what I love about Rachel Roy. She is so beautiful and easy on the eyes that it’s great for me to create a special haircut for her. Long and short layers throughout her hair give movement and instant texture. I have styled RR several different ways. Straight-to-perfection and girl- next-door texture.” - TG

STEP 1: Wash
I start off washing Rachel’s hair with my Daily Cleanse Shampoo and Daily Nourish Conditioner. Daily Cleanse Shampoo helps to remove buildup without completely stripping the hair of its own natural oils. Daily Nourish Conditioner gives hair subtle shine without weighing her hair down. This is great for Rachel who does not like her hair to be heavy and contrived.

STEP 2: Create Texture
I start off with a medium size curling iron taking 1.5 inch sections. Using the iron, I wrap the section of hair around the iron making sure to leave the ends out. I start from the nape of Rachel’s neck and work my way up. Try to not curl the hair too high because you don't want to look like a 80s TV star. I use my “Tame It” Shine Lotion on the ends to give the look a shiny finish with texture that Rachel loves.