How to do....Healthy Nails

By: Katie Hughes

Summer prep for healthy nails in 3 easy steps!

Nail expert Katie Hughes, Global Colour Ambassador for butter LONDON, gives us the rules to healthy shiny summer nails. 

1. Use Cuticle Oil
I always recommend using a cuticle oil to give parched nails much needed moisture ­especially during the summer months where you’re exposed to the elements. Using cuticle oil not only keeps nails hydrated, but will also help keep nails from getting dry or brittle. I love butter LONDON’s Holiday Handbag Cuticle Oil; it smells so good and is crazy moisturizing. Apply it all over your nails and cuticles generously. Let the oil totally absorb into your skin resist the urge to wipe it off! Do this as often as you want or think about it, you really can¹t overdo it.

2. Apply a Top Coat
For weak, brittle nails, infuse strength into them by applying a strengthening top coat. butter LONDON’s Horse Power Nail Fertilizer is awesome as it not only strengthens nails, but can also help repair them. All it takes is one coat to each nail daily for seven days, then remove and begin again. You can also use this as a basecoat and topcoat. I love a good multi-tasker.

3. Pack on the Shine
The not-so-secret secret to awesome looking nails is simply to pack on the shine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rocking a bold color or your own natural nails, you can amp up your look instantly by applying a top coat, bonus points if it’s a multi-tasker, that’s giving you added benefits on top of the mega-watt shine (like butter LONDON Horse Power). Skim the brush over the free edge before you paint each nail to help the color stay on longer.