Garden & Honey

By: Nicole Richie

Connecting back to her family and lifestyle, what spurred her love of home and garden?

Gardening started off as just a hobby planting herbs, vegetables and fruit trees but then I really connected to being outside, it does wonders for my soul. I love having a helping hand in the cycle of life. It all feels so natural and the whole process of watching everything come to life is really beautiful.

A story about her favorite home or garden project.   

 Definitely our beehive, the whole process has been very exciting. By building the bees a habitat you are actually saving their lives and giving them a safe environment to produce honey. Another plus, eating local honey is wonderful for your allergies. This past year we packaged the honey in cute glass jars and made custom labels calling it “Madd Honeys” to give to our family and friends for the holidays. Every one loved it and has been asking for refills!

I also love apples trees, which I recently planted into the ground from the original pots. I didn’t know that apples started off as flowers. The flowers then die and from that death an apple is born!

What amazing resources has she found?  

 My chickens have been my greatest resource; they give me eggs and love. They are constantly laying organic eggs, which we eat every day and are also a little escape when I need quiet time. I wake up around 5:30 every morning before the rest of my family, let the chickens out of their coop and tend to the garden and that’s my alone time. I find it all so relaxing. On the flip side I have a complicated relationship with cilantro. They’re very temperamental and if I’m not out there every day with them they know it and do weird things. It’s a relationship and they’re hard.

Her tips to the perfect home and garden?

The best thing to do for a home garden is to be attentive and tend to it yourself every day. Plants need TLC and they know when you’re out there giving them love.