Five essential tips for adorning your home with artwork

By: Natasha Schlesinger

Award winning art historian and ArtMuse founder, Natasha Schlesinger, shares her top five tips for adorning your home with artwork.

1.     Don't get stuck on colors that match your décor, let the art speak for itself. 

2.     Go to see as many galleries with a variety of artists as you can find in your city or town to get a sense of what you like and gravitate to. Sometimes one can even find art in unusual places like the Surrey hotel in New York, where I am an art curator, and see what they have on the walls of their public spaces. 

3.     If you don't have a lot of time and need help, then a professional art consultant can really assist in the process and save you time and money in the end as they have access to dealers, galleries and artists and often can also get you a special discount on the art. They also will have contacts with shippers, framers and installers. All that saves you a logistical headache. 

4.  When you are considering art for your house, consider where you intend to place it, and regard the light, space and environment. Some art is fragile and might not be good if there are little kids around to damage it; some art has to be kept out of direct sunlight and often take into account how well-lit your walls are so that the art will look its best when you install it. 

5.  Remember that you are living with your art so even if it might look amazing on the walls of a museum or a gallery, ask yourself whether it's something you can live with and look at and love every day of your life. Don't buy art for investment. Buy it because you love it!