Crowns by Christy

Crowns by Christy

What started out as a passion project, Crowns by Christy, is now an established NYC based floral design company that specializes in custom headpieces. Christy Doramus makes floral crowns out of her NoHo studio with real and fake flowers. We had the pleasure of partnering with her to 
embellish happy vibes on beach totes and sunnies for our Charleston Fashion Week show! We spoke to Christy to find out where she gets her inspirations plus her most memorable fashion moment...

How did you first get started making flower crowns?
I started creating fresh flower crowns for my friends in the backyard of the Sagaponack home my husband and I rented  almost 4 summers ago. The owner's garden was so dreamy and as a New Yorker living in a concrete jungle, nothing made me happier than immediately clipping the flowers every friday afternoon upon arrival before making arrangements for the weekend. One Saturday, I decided to try and make my own flower crown with roses from one of the bushes and without looking up DIY instructions, found a way to weave the flowers together with nothing other than dental floss (the only type of string/wire I had on hand!). 
As a beauty publicist at the time, I worked with so many incredible brand representatives who began asking about flower crowns for spring initiatives. By this time, I had moved from dental floss to florist wire and with the blessing of my boss (the incredible Alison Brod), I was able to create flower crowns for a handful of amazing media events... and the rest is history! 

Have you always been “crafting/DIY projects"?
I have been interested in crafts and DIY projects my entire life. My mother is extremely talented and always has a sewing project in the works. Growing up, I remember sitting on her lap while learning to use the sewing machine. We made quilts together, designed my homecoming dresses and even created my rehearsal dinner ensemble as a team. She taught me how to always be resourceful, which I think is such an important lesson for any creative person. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
Social media platforms are an excellent way of sharing content, both old and new. I find myself lost in instagram and pinterest on a daily basis. Whether it be a feed of vintage fashion magazine tears or watercolor art from a cool up-and-coming artist, there are so many inspiring, creative accounts to follow! The coolest thing is having the chance to finally meet  and collaborate with the people who inspire me most via social media. 
What was your favorite project or item you created?
I am currently obsessed with the floral sunglasses we created for your fashion show! These were so much fun to wear and photograph. We are planning to make more for my team to wear all summer. 

Most surreal fashion project to date?
I recently had the chance to include my flower crowns in a Vogue Italia shoot in East Hampton styled by Paul Cavaco and shot by Bruce Weber... I totally freaked out when I saw the gorgeous photos in print! 

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