Beach to Street: A How To

FINN jewelry designer Candice Pool has lived and traveled all over the world - and is a self-proclaimed beach girl. She's perfected the art of beach to street - here are 5 tips she lives by......

Some of us are beach girls.  We just grew up that way.  We grew up in the heat.  We swam all summer.  We were barefoot, or in flip flops if the sand was too hot.  We had salty hair and too many bathing suits.

I grew up in a perpetual summer, splitting my time between Houston and Cape Town, Mexico twice a year and Caribbean squeezed in whenever we could.  Beaches on the Gulf and lakes in my dad’s speedboat.  

When you are a beach girl, it’s hard to shake it.  Even if you move to New York City.  Especially if you move to New York City.  Here, it’s a little funny walking around with your bikini strings peeking out the back of your dress when you’re hailing a cab.

So what’s the best way to get from the beach to town?  Here are a few tricks.

1. Cover ups should be clothing.

When you’re running from a hotel room to the beach, a gauzy cover up or knotted sarong is totally fine.  But if you’re not headed straight for your room, you need to be dressed.  I like simple body-con tank dresses--H&M always has them.  They’re easy, one layer, fold up tight to stick in your bag, and don’t get wrinkled.  I also like loose cut offs or chino shorts with a baggy tank top.  Two totally different looks, but both comfortable if you still have sunblock on.  Trust me, you cannot show up to dinner in a see thru kaftan.

2.  Shoes should be shoes. 

Flip flops are practical, but not so cute when you leave the beach.  My favorite dressed up but comfortable footwear are a pair of K. Jaques sandals.  Super chic and no sand gets trapped.  They also never go out of style.  Obviously going to the beach in closed toe shoes are a no-no. I mean, no.

3.  Scarves for your hair

I love to swim and that means frizzy chlorine hair or just as frizzy salt water hair.  I always carry a super tight hairband to pull it back in a tight bun.  Then I twist a small scarf or bandana and wrap it around as a headband.  

4. Totes

A dead giveaway that you didn’t make a pit stop home to shower is carrying a beach bag. Plus beach bags are pretty ugly in general.  A light cotton tote holds all your gear and you can wash it which is a plus.

5. Lips only.

Chances are, you’re going to be a little flushed after a long day outside.  As long as you wore your sunblock and aren’t burned, that’s great!  The sunkissed look is what a lot of us try to achieve with make-up anyway.  So skip the makeup and bring only a really good lip moisturizer.  Try MAKE Marine Salve.  

There you go!  Take it from a beach baby!

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