The Chopra Center

"Inner peace leads to outer peace. I had the honor of collaborating with Deepak Chopra on a collection of designs with all of the proceeds going to charity several years ago. Ever since meeting him I have been wanting to visit his Chopra Center in San Diego, California; which was founded by Deepak and David Simon. The location is set for rest, relaxation and well-being, and who doesn't need more of that in their life? But what I gained through my visit was beyond that, it was the gift of mediation. How many more external tools will we reach for - drinking, smoking, gambling, whatever that vice is to get us through a day? I went with those questions and in turn learned the answer was mediation. Meditation is within and has been all along. We just have to be still and know, and there in lies the work, quieting the thoughts! After classes on how to do just that, (and some of the most amazing massages to restore me) I left with a new set of tools to blend into my everyday life to empower me and the realization that I am more then my thoughts, to quiet them, and to find my soul in the place between them. The Chopra Center is a place one can go to aid the mind and body through the three pillars of wisdom: meditation, Ayurveda, and yoga. Thank you Deepak.Learn more about the mission at" - RR

"Cleanse your perception and redirect with compassion." ~ Deepak Chopra