Shelley Zalis & The Girls' Lounge

Shelley Zalis has always blazed her own trails. She's created highly successful companies and revolutionized the way movie trailers were marketed on the web AND now she's sparked a movement with The Girls' Lounge. Peek in on the 5 questions we had for her......

1. The Girls’ Lounge. Tell us why it’s so badly needed today and how the idea for it came to you?

I say if we could have done it alone, we would have by now. Impact happens when we do it together. I could have never come up with the idea to create The Girls’ Lounge. It happened when I invited 5 women to walk the CES floor with me. They invited their girlfriends and within 24 hours, we were 50 women strong and 2 remarkable things happened. The first, every guy’s head turned, it was a wow moment – where did all these women come from?! When one woman shows up, you are very strong but you are still an individual. When 50 women come together, it’s the power of the pack! The second, it was an internal heartbeat moment where I felt so confident surrounded by like-minded women and that’s when I coined the phrase "Confidence is Beautiful." I felt like I could do anything that’s when The Girls’ Lounge was born. It was a moment that turned into a movement. 


2. You call yourself a Chief Troublemaker (we love that) – how do you drive change without causing complete chaos? Or can you?

A movement is not about one person, it’s about the collective. When you start something new or reimagine the old, and you are filling a need in your life, that’s when you know magic will happen. It’s never been about change because people don’t like change. It’s about evolving, transforming, reimagining and creating the next new thing…together. Now that’s trouble! And as Katharine Hepburn says, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun."

3. What are 3 things a woman should know before starting their own business?

    1. Perfection doesn’t exist 
    2. Work life balance is a myth 
    3. Be authentic and own your strengths 

        4. 3 best pieces of advice you’ve ever been given by another woman?

          1. We’re better together
          2. Transform don’t conform
          3. Live with no regrets

        5. Naysayers. How do you handle them and overcome them?

        Don’t bother.

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        BELOW: Images from The Girls' Lounge event, June 2016. Cannes, France.