Q&A with Glamour's Lauren Chan

Q & A with Glamour’s Lauren Chan

You are a former plus size model turned features editor at Glamour. Do you think the dedicated section to curvy in Glamour is a sign that the fashion industry is changing and becoming more diverse?

A: Definitely! We're in the middle of a size evolution in fashion, and it's not just Glamour that is becoming more diverse--just look at the success of the RR curvy line, look at the 27 plus-size model appearances at fall 2017 fashion week, look at rising stars like Ashley Graham. But I will say that it means a lot to me to be at a brand that embraces my personal mission.

What is the message you strive to deliver when you are writing about body acceptance and curvy fashion?

A: I want my work to tell women that they are wonderful as they are--and that fashion is for them. No need to loose weight before you buy those jeans, no need to skip that wedding because you have nothing to wear, no need to go into bathing-suit panic when you hit the beach, you know? On a deeper level, my message is that women shouldn't be held back by the old societal notion that they are less valuable if they are different from the cultural norm. In a perfect world, I'd have to super power to re-train women's minds to be void of self-doubt that stems from negative body image. 

What are your favorite curvy brands to wear?

A: I love Rachel Roy (no joke, the black trench dress from last summer is a regular in my roster). I also love Eloquii, Universal Standard, and the Glamour x Lane Bryant line. 

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about the curvy community?

A: That we are somehow different from women who wear smaller sizes. Brands have woken up to the fact that we want fashion, but a lot of the options we have are still unfashionable. Melissa McCarthy once told me something like, women don't stop at a size 12, so why should fashion? And I totally agree. 

What change would you most like to see in the fashion industry?

A: I think we're in the midst of change when it comes to fashion and size--which is amazing. I just hope it sticks, and keeps evolving. One day, we won't have to call out the fact that collections or stories or websites are for plus-sizes, it will just be assumed that all things are fully inclusive. 

Q: What has been your proudest moment so far?

A: My proudest moment so far...that's a tough one. It was designing the Glamour x Lame Bryant collection, then it was working with Tanya Taylor and Aidy Bryant to make plus-size dresses; and now I think it's my July cover story for Glamour, which was on Ashley Graham. 

Where do you hope to take your column in the next few years?

A: I love that my column has evolved into something that takes action, and doesn't just reporting on other peoples action. We worked with Tanya to make bigger garments, we worked with 3x1 to make jeans in sizes 14-24, we did a national survey of plus-size floor space in the US. That's really thanks to my editor, Florence Kane. It will be exciting to see what we come up with next...

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