International Women’s Day At The UN

On March 8th, Rachel was appointed as a UN Champion of Change and Innovation for women and girls. In this role her job is to focus on the advancement of women and girls in technology and entrepreneurship.

Rachel marked the occasion – which also fell on International Women’s Day – with a workshop session at the UN and a new LOVE Collection benefitting EVERYTOWN. Read on for an inside look at her first UN working event.

Rachel started the day supporting Her Royal Highness Crown Princess of Norway, Mette-Marit of Norway and her platform of Women’s Economic Empowerment. Under the theme of investing in women Rachel invited the founder of Rivet Ventures, Shadi Mehraein, which is one of the few Silicon Valley investment firms that primarily invests in companies in women-led businesses or markets. The Q and A session at the United Nation’s New York covered, entrepreneurship, activism, and philanthropy with an emphasis on what companies in Silcon Valley look for when making investments in start ups and Shadi gave tips on how to stream line pitches, business plans and what the future looks like for female business leaders.  Rachel infused the audience with actionable tips and information to apply to their own entrepreneurism give back policies going forward.

As a UN Champion, Rachel’s focus is to advance women and girls in technology and entrepreneurship. Her commitment to the UN includes helping to pave progress for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs and partnering with the 100 Days #SheInnovates Campaign, led by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. 

Rachel is creating entrepreneurship workshops for the UN, which will establish entrepreneurship and leadership education and foundations for women and children. She will visit developing countries to meet with women-centric entrepreneurship groups and bring awareness and education on the ground.

In celebration of International Women’s Day Rachel designed a new LOVE Collection. The collection includes seven pieces made with love, to give love. 50% of the proceeds benefit the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund & EveryTown For Gun Safety.