Guest Editor: Shala Monroque

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Three Books Every Young Girl Should Read:
There is nothing like a good read:
Judy Blume: Are you There God?
The Essential RUMI
The Prophet

Favorite Priceless Find: 
Murano glass necklace.

Favorite Fragrance: 
Amber by Prada.

Beauty Products To Live By: 
I change them up all the time, but body lotion is one definite essential

Favorite Up-And-Coming Musicians: 
Oh Land, Nicki Minaj, Lykke Li, The XX and Janelle Monae.

How To Dress For Work With A Twist:  
I'm really feeling high-wasted trousers, think it keeps one in a work mode. 

Favorite Up-And-Coming Artists: 
Noel Grundwaldt, Taryn Simon, Gretchen Ryan.