Guest Editor: Seu Jorge

Rachel got to know Brazilian rock star and family man Seu Jorge when she traveled to Brazil to collaborate on the Rachel Roy x Seu Jorge limited edition collection. 

Can't Live Without: 
My family

Humbling Moment: 
Shooting Life Aquatic with Steven Zissou.

Music Mentors: 
Quincy Jones, Jorge Ben

Favorite Movie: 
City of God

Favorite City: 
Rio de Janiero 

Favorite getaway: 
Ceara, Brazil

Favorite Meal: 
Picadinho a Brasileria

What should everyone know about Brazil: 
That we are a great, awesome democratic country! 

Favroite Rachel Roy x Seu Jorge collaboration piece: 
The Claudia Dress

Favorite Song:
"Ai no Corrida" - Quincy Jones