The chairman of and a champion of healthy living, Russell Simmons shares his 5 green tips...

1. Live a vegan lifestyle
2. Switch the lights off when you leave the room 
3. Turn the water off when you’re not using it 
4. Buy appliances that use less power 
5. Only use as much of anything as you need 

AND a few of his favorite green things...

Rush Arts Youth Education Program: Kids are given a green focus and have been working with recycled cans, labels, bottom caps, and pantone color chips to create mosiacs, collages, and self portraits

Favorite Green Restaurant:
Caravan of Dreams in NYC. It's all organic, all vegan, kosher certified and has a plethora of food options. The live hummus platter is my favorite dish, I always order it!

Favorite Green Item:
The Diamond Empowerment Fund "Green Bracelet." It supports educational initiatives that develop and empower people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource.  

Favorite Green Item To Gift:
Gaiam Organic Cotton T-Shirts. They are 100% certified organic cotton and really soft.

My Favorite Green Quote:
Knowledge is power - PETA.

Favorite Green Celebrity:
Leonardo Dicaprio is my favorite celebrity "greenie," all of his green efforts are inspiring.