Writer. Actress. Comedian. Is there anything the talented & beautiful Mindy Kaling can’t do? 

“I'd like to be known as the funniest, prettiest, most kind, most generous, best wife, best daughter, best mom, who never ever, ever got a parking ticket," said Mindy. Us too.

What is your favorite way of being thoughtful:
I leave notes on co-workers’ windshields sometimes. I keep a Sharpie in my bag so I can write a quick love letter or a fake ransom note.

Is there a soulmate for everyone:
I think so, but soulmates don't necessarily mean romantic soulmates. I have soulmates in my best girlfriends, and my mother. 

Favorite Album:
Joni Mitchell's Blue is amazing. I would listen to it on the drive to high school and be weeping by the time I got there. Tavi Gevenson filmed herself singing "A Case of You" and dedicated it to me. She's a total inspiration; it’s one of my favorite things ever.

Favorite Lip Color:
Tom Ford’s "Black Orchid" is a luxurious, red carpet or hot date lipstick. I don't wear it everyday, because 80% of the time lipstick ends up on my teeth and I look like a goon.

Favorite Splurge:
I buy stationary and bedsheets like a lunatic. I have a duvet for every month of the year from stores like Dwell, CB2 and Target.

Favorite Book:
House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. One might think I’d say a funny book, but it's not. It's completely sad, but it’s the best writing and the best story, ever.

Signature Scent:
I wish it was sandalwood or tuberose, but it's actually my Old Spice Pure Sport deodorant. It's a men’s deodorant but I love the smell.