Guest Editor: Marcus Samuelsson

Exquisite chef, handsome husband & generous man. Get to know Marcus Samuelsson better.

Favorite Restaurant: 
I like Dooky Chase's in New Orleans, known as a gathering place during the 1960s among many who participated in the Civil Rights movement.

Favorite Style Icons:
Fela Kuti, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, circa late 60s/early 70s

Favorite Meal: 
My grandma's pickled herring.

Favorite Achievement:
Being able to cook for the public for over 20 years which is also something I appreciate and bringing Red Rooster to Harlem is something that I will always be proud of.

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe:
Pumpkin and Herb Stuffing.

Favorite Getaway:
I love going to my summer house on the west coast of Sweden.

Favorite Pastime: 
I love to paint and love to play a good tennis match or play soccer. 

Favorite Ways to Give Back: 
I love teaching cooking classes to kids.

One Thing I Can't Live Without: 
Calling my Mom. It's something I do all the time.