Hire great people & have fun. Great advice from a true innovator. Kevin Ryan has created hugely successful businesses and changed the way we use the internet, most recently with There is so much we all can learn from him. 

Favorite move:
The Graduate

Favorite way to unwind:
Watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Favorite Pastime:
Skiing untouched powder gives me such a sense of freedom. It’s both challenging and calming at the same time.

Favorite Book: 
This book has changed my perception on life. Reading it as a child, the fact that the heroine died shocked me.

Favorite thing to do:
Dinner with friends, especially if we laugh a lot.

Drink of Choice: 
Green tea during the day and a 1990 Bordeaux at night.

Favorite city: 

Guilty Pleasure: 
Powdered sugar doughnuts from Scoop Du Jour in East Hampton, NY.

Can't Live Without: