Guest Editor: Karina Petroni

Favorites from pro surfer & design collaborator, Katrina Petroni...

Favorite Surfboards:
Grain! I adore groovy surfboards, especially a wooden one shaped by "Grain" in Maine. Check out their boards!

Things I Can't Live Without: 
Fresh fruits, veggies and the love of my life, David! I became a vegan last August and I'm BEYOND happy with this new life…I feel better than ever!

Favorite Sunscreen: 
Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Face Cream - stays on your face all day! I love it! 

Favorite Way To Cook:
On an open fire. Nothing more serene than cooking on the beach, so natural.

Favorite Way To Give Back:
Working with ‘Nplay, a foundation fighting childhood obesity. This is an issue I am truly passionate about! Check out the work ’Nplay is doing!

Favorite Place To Catch Waves:
Anywhere in the Caribbean, Australia or Indonesia. As long as the sun’s out, the water’s warm and you’re surrounded by friends and family, any beach is fine with me.