Guest Editor: Jacquie Aiche

Jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche on how to turn a passion into a growing empire... 

At what point in your life did you realize your passion as a jewelry designer?
I have always been an extremely passionate person, particularly about art, but once I started seeing the reactions of the women around me… I knew this was my calling.

What is the creative process when creating a piece?
It starts as a flash or a vision and turning it into reality is the hardest part, but it's also my greatest obsession! Sometimes gemstones will sit on my desk for 6 months before the vision is complete. Once the piece is sketched, it then gets carved into wax, casted, polished and set with diamonds. It's like from conception to birth…I feel so blessed to be a part of every step.

What is the spiritual story behind your collections?
My spiritual story is to believe in yourself, stand strong and be open to all possibilities. Everything else will follow.

Where does your inspiration come from?
It comes from all over. The gemstones, traveling, the amazing women around me. I never know when the energy will hit, but once it does, I am locked up for a good 6-8 weeks making it all come to life. As a jewelry designer, how do you keep the creative new and fresh? The creative energy tends to flow through me at the right time. I believe that staying true to yourself as an artist, you will always have the juices. When you try to be something you are not is when the creative block begins.

How have you evolved your business over the years?
It has grown organically because I am not trying to push or be anything that I am not. I am learning new things everyday and I have always been one to trust my intuition - it has been good to me.