Guest Editor: Frank Gehry

Architect. Innovator. Genius. (and my inspiration and breakfast partner). Get to know Frank Gehry better...

Favorite Pastime:
I try to sail as often as I can, it balances me, inspires me, calms me, motivates me.

Favorite Music: 
Classical music. Live classical music excites me!

Where I Find Inspiration: When I first started my career, I was inspired by my wife’s Vogue magazines. The freedom of fashion inspires me. I wanted to reflect the movement of the clothes in my structures. 

Current Project: The Eisenhower Tapestry in Washington D.C. It’s based on his young boy roots from Kansas.

Favorite Comfort Food:
I have always loved a simple dessert of a chocolate and biscuits.

Favorite Read: 
Alice in Wonderland and Don Quixote. The world is so crazy right now, but these stories show me that it always was. 

Guilty Pleasure: John Wayne, WW2 movies.