Guest Editor : Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart is a Los Angeles based celebrity stylist and fashion editor. Elizabeth works with actresses including, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Julia Roberts, Viola Davis among others.
Guest Editor Elizabeth Stewart shares her career’s 4 game-changing moments and how she’s journeyed through hard work and dedication to design the career of her dreams.

My 4 Fashion Game Changers
1. I was hired at WWD early in my career. This was great enough in itself but the amazing part is they eventually sent me to Paris to be the Paris Fashion Editor. It was like fashion boot camp! I use what I learned to this day, especially the knowledge of all that goes into making a red carpet dress.

2. After about 10 years at WWD and W Magazine, Holly Brubach hired me to me work for the New York Times Magazine. This was the 14 best years of my life, especially the years working under Amy Spindler. We had carte blanche to do all sorts of creative shoots; Salma Hayek as Queen Elizabeth or Cate Blanchett as Faye Dunaway, which was the first time I met Cate.

3. I met Calista Flockhart while freelancing on an InStyle cover. We hit it off and I became her stylist which became the beginning of my red carpet career. She is still a client to this day....15 years later!

4. My favorite red carpet moment is this Givenchy dress on Cate Blanchett at the 2011 Oscars.