Supermodel Coco Rocha was a pioneer in the social world. She shares with us her journey, tips and tools.

What has been the most positive experience from being more connected to your fans and community?
I can say something right now that I know will reach my combined 4 million followers within a few hours and after that, potentially an exponential number of people upon re-sharing. It’s a powerful tool for speaking out about serious matters and I do use it that way in conjunction with the charities I support. It’s a wonderful way of hearing back from people all over the world. I learn so much from social media and have made such amazing connections. For example, it was through Twitter that Cindy Crawford and I became friends. She even allowed me to interview her privately for a fashion magazine. Amazing that sending a 140 letter tweet could do all that.

How many and what apps do you have on your iPhone?
Oh, at least 75 I would guess. I have every game you can imagine including at least 5 versions of chess for some odd reason. I have apps for every airline and hotel to manage my frequent flyer miles. I have a whole suite of picture and video editing apps which I use with all my social media apps. I have maps, menus, subway apps - you name it, I have an app for everything.

What is TMI online?
My concept of TMI is when people overshare the most mundane and boring experiences. If I see 5 tweets before 10am about brushing your teeth, eating cereal, yawning and picking out your outfit I will unfollow you in a heartbeat.

What’s your favorite app and why?
The one I need right now. I do have one called Manilla that I use to coordinate all my bills. It comes in handy as it sends me reminders when the phone bill or electric bill is due. I'm often out of the country so I'm not always getting my mail.

How did you start in the social media world?
It started with my first blog to share my perspective. I wanted to show people what the real life of a fashion model was like and people really caught on to it. I quickly picked up on Twitter and Facebook. The success of those platforms moved me to expand into other platforms like Google+ and now even Sina Weibo and Tencent Wiebo in China. I now have over 4 million followers which is still staggering to me. 

Three tips for starting a social media profile/brand?
1. Don't have just anyone run your social media.
2. Be consistent. Your audience wants to hear from you regularly but not too regularly.
3. Be current. Know and comment on current trends and news. Don't be the last one entering a conversation.