Guest Editor: Ariel Foxman

Get to know Ariel Foxman, Editor-In-Chief of InStyle magazine - the authority on style, fashion, beauty & everything cool. And he's quite simply a divine individual.

One thing the world doesn't know about you: 
That I can read Aramaic.

Favorite TV show: 
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Oprah's Master Class.

Last book you read: 
Diane Keaton's memoir "Then Again". 

Spring fashion I must have: 
For women, something pastel to mix in with edgier pieces.

Favorite City: 
Tokyo for the cleanliness and the food, Tel Aviv for the sex appeal.

What inspires you about women's fashion:
The endless possibilities to mix color, texture and proportion.

Favorite NYC Secret Spot:
Bohemian Restaurant, NYC. Tucking into the back of a building that belonged to Andy Warhol, it's a members-only spot... shhhhh!