Get to know Teen Vogue's Editor-In-Chief Amy Astley a little better...

Favorite Relaxing Read:
Reading the NY Times early in the AM before work with a cup of super hot Lapsang Suchlong Tea 

Favorite Lazy Day Movie With My Girls:
Classic movies - we love, love Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music

Favorites To Finding Balance, Clarity, and Happiness In My Life:
My kids make me happy. I try to carve out chunks of time to really communicate and play with them! They balance me.

Favorite Quote To Help Heal The Soul: 
All things my mom told me in grade school. 

Favorite Relaxing Hobby: 
I grow roses at my house on Long Island. It's so gratifying to watch them bloom!

Favorite Stress Reliever For My Mind And Body:
I relieve stress at Physique 57. I am addicted!

Favorite Song That Motivates You:
I love Led Zepplin & Kings of Leon.