Guest Editor: AJ Johnson

AJ Johnson, Actress & Celebrity Life Stylist, shares tips on how to reach your BETTER. 

“We are busy, accomplished and successful woman who unfortunately compromise on leading healthy and balanced lives. My dear friend AJ taught me I am nothing without my better health, here she will teach you how to get to your better!” - RR

1. A Great Day Starts in the Spirit
I believe the focus and discipline that starts my day also dictates the course of my day and this is where my self-empowerment lives! I suggest plan your mental, spiritual, nutritional and physical. Start with an uplifting reading, music with a positive message, a fresh fruit protein smoothie is a fast, nutritional start. Plan a 30 minute walk at some point during your day and pack healthy snacks to take to work.

2. You Live In The Gym - True or False?
Very false!!! While so many believe that working out is the game changer, in THE AJ ZONE, we believe that food is 90% and fitness is 10% of a healthy living lifestyle. My look is my food more than it’s my workout! I eat no processed. For those wanting to try it my way, try eating natural sugars (fresh fruit), fresh veggies and lean proteins. Practice drinking water. Do enough movement to burn more calories than you consume and do it daily, but this can be done, not in the gym – with dancing, gardening and household chores. We call this the no workout workout! 

3. What are your suggestions for the busy women who find it hard to find time to eat? 
With a busy schedule it can be challenging to eat in your day, let alone eat healthy. Preparation is key— commit to healthy choices! A few of my favorite quick meals are salads – load them with tasty fresh flavorful veggies. With such an array of flavor, dressing filled with empty calories and fat will soon not be necessary! Healthy snack ideas are apple slices with peanut butter, no salt pretzels, popcorn (no microwave allowed) and raw carrots.

4. What do you consider a great work out?
A great workout is as unique as the person seeking it. I like to say great = productive. The key to a productive workout is knowing the impact of different workouts. Some are stress relieving (anything high impact like running, some are fat burning and crucial to guarantee weight loss (a damp sweat instead of a dripping sweat). Sometimes a yoga stretch with candles after a hot bath is exactly what’s needed to relieve stress, unwind and burn calories in a relaxing way.

5. What’s The Key To Sculpting And Reducing Cellulite?
We must burn the fat away from the muscle and eat a low fat nutrition plan as a lifestyle to help create fat free skin. Lean muscle pressing against fat free skin is the sculpted, no cellulite look most are after. Once the nutrition is handled, increase reps in your workout. Try 4 sets of 25 reps of all sculpting moves and see a difference fast!