Gardening At Home

"Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the prettiest urban farmer – pretty on the inside as well as the outside, that is!

Courtney Guerra is a trained chef that found her true calling with farming. She now partners with our friends at downtown LA’s famed Alma restaurant to supply them with their fresh farm-to-table yummies; Courtney also supplies many other restaurants and urban farming projects.

When I discussed my desire for my own home gardening system with Courtney, she suggested Vertical Organic Gardens. This was a whole new system to me, so Courtney came and assembled the structures at my home, teaching my family the simple maintenance they require (almost none!) which makes them perfect for beginners, apartment dwellers, or those that don’t have the time or money to maintain in-groundgardens

These eco-friendly towers grow fresh veggies and herbs, and even edible flowers right in the comfort of my backyard – making juicing, salads and my “farm to table” aspirations come to life. Such an ideal family summer project!  

Preparing meals with the freshest ingredients is important to me; as we know fueling our bodies with the cleanest food possible directly affects how we physically and mentally function.  Clarity!  Happy farming!"
- RR