Blackberry Rhubarb Sourghum Mint Juleps

"I asked some of my stylesetter firends for their fave summer drinks to cool off with...
Danielle Rollins is a mother of three and contributing editor for Veranda, author of "Entertainment with Style", and one of my dear friends who I go to for entertaining tips always!" - RR

Blackberry Rhubarb Sourghum Mint Juleps
Created by Danielle Rollins

For Blackberry Rhubarb Simple Syrup: Peel the tough outer layer off 2 rhubarb stalks with a carrot peeler.Cut into several pieces. 
Place Rhubarb & 1/2 pint of blackberries in a pan.
Add equal parts water and sugar (approx. 2 cups each) and bring to a boil. Let steep and cool. 
Pour the simple syrup into a container through a sieve and throw away the rhubarb and blackberries.
For the Mint Juleps: 
Muddle fresh mint, the juice of one lime & about a teaspoon of sorghum in a glass, preferably a silver julep cup.
Fill the glass with ice and 3oz of Bourbon and 2oz of the blackberry rhubarb simple syrup.
Top it off with lime Perrier or lime soda water.
Garnish with powder sugar dusted mint leaves and a blackberry or two on a bamboo skewer.

Danielle's Tips: I like to put simple syrup into an empty wine bottle to save. It will keep about 1 month refrigerated. It makes a great sweetner for ice teas and lemonade too! The silver julep cups are ideal beacuse it keeps the drink cold! And silver is a natural antibacterial so it makes drinking mint juleps kind of sort of good for you!