The Beauty of Opportunity

One of our favorite questions to ask people is “What are you passionate about?” We have found that some of the most beautiful moments arise from these conversations. To see a person’s eyes light up and to hear their voice’s tempo speed up as they speak to their passion and their dreams is a magical moment to witness. Beauty exists in every facet of life. But sometimes you need to know how to look for it. We seek to do that through listening, learning, and sharing those stories of the people we meet.

You see, the funny thing about listening to these intimate stories is that despite the diversity of the people telling them – where they were born, what they believe, and where they are now in life – there always seems to be a common thread between each encounter: one that centers on an innate desire to create and be someone who they believe they are or someone they can be. Most importantly that they have the willpower to achieve that dream. That magical spark of passion and purpose that you see in someone, no matter who they are, is the beauty that is embedded in every single person.

As Ann and I stumbled upon more and more stories from a mother of four in Guatemala, to a sixteen year old girl in India, to our peers here in L.A., we began to realize there was a discrepancy of equal opportunity to chase after their purpose.

To us, the idea that where you were born and what you were given could stifle the beauty of chasing your dreams was unacceptable.

As a result, we created Enrou. On the surface, our company is an online marketplace of handmade products from all around the world. But our true vision is to build a community that empowers everyone involved to have a shot at reaching their fullest potential.

From entrepreneurs in Uganda like Vincent who are building their own businesses, to mothers in Cambodia like Som Kim who are learning how to make jewelry and how to build a business, our makers around the world are gaining opportunity to build a better future for themselves and their families.

But it’s not just for people like Vincent and Sao Tai why we exist. We exist too for all of us to have the opportunity to act with purpose in our everyday. Importantly, to create lasting change through our actions – impact that lives long past a one time purchase.

There’s something contagious about people fighting toward their dream and doing it through something they are passionate about. There’s a sense of overwhelming pride beaming from one’s core: a belief in yourself that you can achieve what you want in your life. And when others can be part of that journey there is nothing more powerful. We want to make sure that those opportunities we were afforded in our lives are not contained for others so that we can continue to experience the joy of another person pursuing their purpose uninhibited.


Is there truly anything more beautiful than that?