Michelle Obama's Reach Higher Initiative

“This all means nothing if we don’t change the lives of those that follow us. Find the space in your life to keep doing that. I wanted to give you this house foryou all to do that..." 
- Michelle Obama

Mrs. Obama, YES! I will help to change lives and thank you for graciously hosting us at the White House!

On Oct 8th, Michelle Obama hosted a workshop featuring fashion professionals mentoring design students who aspire to reach higher. The students studied technical design, pattern-making, production management, and construction and discussed how education in these disciplines can solve the shortage of skilled artisans. Reach Higher is the First Lady’s initiative that encourages young people to complete their educations and OWN their futures. After the workshop, Mrs. Obama hosted the design community for cocktails at the White House and reiterated her message of making her time here at the White House mean something.

Reach higher and enjoy!

- RR