Kathleen Wright

Kathleen Wright shares the ways in which Piece & Co. helps make a worldly impact and helps give women the opportunity to work.

Kathleen Wright is the Founder and CEO of Piece & Co. a social enterprise that has sought out to create sustainable employment for women artisans in the developing worlds in efforts to alleviate global poverty. Her motto “Employ one. Impact Many” serves as the cornerstone of her business allowing for several partnerships and effectively creating over 1,500 job opportunities to men and women to date across several impoverished nations. 

How does Piece & Co impacts individuals?
We are 100% focused on bringing consistent employment to artisans because we believe it’s the most effective tool we have in fighting global poverty. Our impact to individuals goes beyond food, education, and preventative healthcare and runs even deeper. In being able to support their families, artisans find dignity, empowerment, and hope. I feel like this is best said through our artisans so I asked one of them to give us a quote. Her name is Peddala. "The positive impact Piece & Co has had in our community is powerful. When we are working, hope spreads and as a ripple effect it brings secure feelings to us, our families, and our entire communities- it has been a true reason to rejoice."   

What impact has Piece & Co had?
Working in 19 countries with more than 2,000 artisans we are changing the world. Every order we bring to our artisans is game changing and as we grow we can see how our work is changing the world community by community, artisan by artisan, piece by piece.