Give Back: Charity: Water

"For my 36th birthday, I asked my friends, family and supporters to give the gift of water through organization, charity:water. charity:water has launched a campaign to end the water crisis through the power of birthdays. We surpassed my original goal of $15,000 raised and I saw firsthand the good that comes from the donation. charity:water uses 100% of this money to directly fund water projects (installing wells), proving every completed project with photos and GPS coordinates in Google Maps. 

Together we raised enough money to fund 7 well projects in Ethopia:1. Gereb Teka Community437 people servedDrilled well2. Mai Mikdah Community750 people servedHand dug well3. Lahlaha Community700 people servedHand dug well4. Kuya Community750 people servedHand dug well5. Adi Tsalqua School563 people servedWater point & sanitation project6. Mentago Community250 people servedDrilled well7. Damekieat Community350 peopleDrilled well

Pledge to give up your next birthday for clean water."

- RR