Deepak Chopra

We asked international spiritual leader and pioneer of mind-body medicine, Deepak Chopra, how one can achieve happiness.

How do I become happy?  Enlightenment is actually the simplest and most basic way to be happy. Pursuing your true self, as directly as possible, is the route to happiness.

What does that involve?
First, knowing what your goal is and not wavering from it. Second,meditate so that you can go inward to meet yourself. Third, daily patience and forgiveness. The mind does lots of strange thingsbefore it finds what it is looking for. Finally, a sense of union with everyone else who is seeking happiness, because true communion lies in realizing how similar all paths really are.  As I see it, enlightenment is not only a normal state, it's the most normal state of existence. It's also the highest definition of success.

What is your secret to happiness? 
These seven keys are very simple and everyday things that I do.  No drastic change in lifestyle is required.  Your friends and family will observe that you are becoming happier and more fulfilled by doing the following:

1. Listen to your body
2. Have true self esteem
3. Give up being right
4. See the world as a mirror