Causes creating change: join the Breast Cancer fight

I am very fortunate for a lot of ways my parents raised me, good manners, kindness, compassion and a host of other attributes I am thankful to have because of them. One instance that specifically strikes a cord is that my mom ran the Breast Cancer center at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto for the majority of my childhood.

Seeing my mom deal with sick patients day in and day out with compassion, ease and grace is something that always stuck with me. It also opened my eyes to Breast Cancer awareness in general and so many of the amazing campaigns that surround the disease. I was always aware of Estee Lauder’s BCA Campaign but came to know more about it when we worked on an event with them for it’s kick off at Bloomingdales. There are so many factors to a disease like this that has such an impact on not only the woman’s life who is affected but her family as well- how does she care for herself, who will take care of her family and take over the duties she used to do if her husband needs to stay at work, where can she find good support groups, where can her family go to talk about their feelings, none of this gets spoken about without awareness, one of BCA’s main goals.

Sadly, many women I know have had to deal with this disease. This ranges from friends in their late 20’s and early 30’s all the way up to people’s grandmothers. Not only do these women become sick but are also forced to make life changing decisions such as getting preventative mastectomies or even having their ovaries removed. These decisions change how a woman sees themselves for the rest of their lives and it is important to raise awareness, for the general public as well as for the women undergoing treatment.

Seeing so many brands that we work with at Coveteur that create products and participate in this cause creates such a nice feeling. People often get caught up in their own day to day and forget there are big and important causes out there. BCA is a great way to remind people to show up, participate and donate to help stop Breast Cancer. 



Stephanie Mark